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To Whom It Concerns,

After an unfortunate break-in we decided to install a cantilever security gate on our premises. We rang Tully Forge and Gerard came to assess the job the following day. From the very beginning he was very helpful with suggestions as to an appropriate size and direction of opening for the gate.

After receiving a number of quotes we decided to engage Tully Forge to undertake the task as we felt most comfortable that they would deliver a quality job and at a very reasonable price. They promised a 6 week turnaround which was crucial as our premises was in a vulnerable condition ./p>

During the following weeks while we were doing the prep work, Gerard was on hand to insure all the components were in the correct place for installing the gate.

5 weeks after we ordered the gate, we were contacted by Tully Forge to organise an appropriate day for installation. As our premises was closed on Saturday Gerard suggested that this would be the best day to do the job.

Tully Forge completed all works on time and at all stages throughout the process they talked me through every aspect of the work to ensure it was exactly what we wanted. We would highly recommend Tully Forge and the fact that they are local entrepreneurs was a bonus for us.

We continue to use Tully Forge as a supplier and we wish to record out gratitude and appreciation to them.

Kind regards,
David Murphy
Managing Director

Hunt Testimonial

Dear Sir/Madam,

During the spring I decided to get wrought iron gates for my house. A friend of mine had recently purchased gates from Tully Forge and suggested that I give them a call. I did and the following evening Thomas came and looked at the job

He had a couple of catalogues with various gates designs for me to look at while he was measuring the opening. I had picked a couple that I liked but I was finding it hard to decide. Thomas had taken a picture of where the gates were going and uploaded it to his laptop. He was then able to superimpose a drawing of the gates onto the picture so that I could visualise what the different gates would look like

This made it a lot easier to choose a gate because I could see what they would look like before I bought them. Finally I chose one that best suited the house and my budget. I ordered them and five weeks later Thomas came to install them

They were up in a couple of hours and they looked fantastic. They really finished the house and because they were automated, it added a degree of security to the house

From start to finish Tully Forge offered a very professional service. I feel like I got great value for money and I look forward to referring business to them in the future. I would like to personally thank Thomas on a great job.